3D-printing is a rapidly emerging technology used for both rapid prototyping (creating prototypes for research and design purposes) and rapid manufacturing (creating the end product that will reach the market). This course will introduce students to the concept of computer-aided design using 3D modeling software that is both free and easily available or a smart 3D pen printing. In just one day or within minutes, participants both design and create their own miniature objects.


E-DESIGN & 3D PEN PRINTING: is a fantastic hand on ability, concentration and creativity, using technology, innovation of 4th generation movement to bring creative design to tangible life. https://me-izone.com/e-design-3d-pen-printing/







3D MODELING & MACHING PRINTING: Step inside the maker community and join us for modeling and printing your own 3D products! Design a key ring, figurine, Mine craft model, jewelry charm, mini-robot or whatever your imagination. Then 3D model and print it to take it home with you! https://me-izone.com/3d-modeling-printing/



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