Our future generations need a head start on digital literacy. As there is a need for kids to explore coding, we are providing a fun platform for them to learn more about technology, digital communication and logical thinking. Equipping our kids with tools that they need to succeed in tomorrow’s world is our goal.

One of the best ways to get kids attention for coding is to introduce it to them through things that they already enjoy, such as Video games, Animation, App. And then asking them if they’d be interested in learning how to make it rather than just passively play. To this end we have the courses below:


CODE.G & SCRATCH 2.0 CODING COURSE: We use a graphical programming such as code.g, Scratch 2.0, kitten editor as our creative coding learning platform for kids to precisely empower them to become creators, and coders. We provide 2D graphical coding tools with innovative subjects-across STEAM, CODELAB and curriculum.


SCRATCH JUNIOR COURSE: Is the proven best coding platform for very young kids. With a series of activities to introduce ScratchJr  to the young learner, teaching them how to use it to create interactive games and stories. What your Kids will learn?


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