EARLY ROBOT CENTRE is a concept to promote Robotics, Stem and engineering program/ course. Bringing the 4th Generation of technology to kids, in order to prepare them for this challenging era of technology, innovation and creativity.

Nowadays every profession must use a computer to put the system to work or Programming Machines in order to get the job done systematically and efficiently.

Recognizing the urgent importance of acquiring that skill, we are providing this program/course to give kids a solid foundation and chances to face a competitive future.

– ERC ROBOTICS COURSE: is purely a hand on projects base, advance Programming, to engage kids to tech lab, develop engineering skill and having an exceptional fun through the STEM concept. https://me-izone.com/erc-robotics-course/



 -ERC JUNIOR ROBOTICS COURSE: for young kids is all about having fun while building basic Robots, learning basic programming and making Robots move as we want. https://me-izone.com/erc-junior-robotics-course/




-ERC LEGO CONSTRUCTION & CREATIVE: is simply the program or classroom that brings learning concepts to life. It is also a pure hand on work and construction, building base stimulation, basic structural engineering skill, color, music and geography recognition and most importantly a fun time for the little kids. https://me-izone.com/lego-construction-creative/





-ERC CRAZY DIY & INVENTION: Do your kids like engineering and science? That’s the right place for him/her to have fun and take a huge step closer to the mindset of inventors.



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